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New month at The Bookmark, and fresh titles arriving every week. Very excited to read the new Michael Ondaatje novel, Warlight' as soon as it comes in!

What continues to delight me about the buyers who are finding the shop is the sheer diversity of their interests when it comes to book-buying. Between the number of local residents who are discovering us, and the various passers through, we're seeing a wide range of enthusiasts for all genres.

This week a young man came in asking me for some books on 'sheffing'. After 23 years in the UK, I thought was finally familiar with most British sporting activities previously unknown to me: hurling, curling, netball, rounders etc. But sheffing? I had to confess I hadn't heard of this, but after a fair bit of back and forth, with me trying desperately not to reveal my ignorance of this game, we managed to establish that he actually meant 'Cheffing' - aka 'Cookery'! Happily, I had in stock the very book he wanted and was having some trouble finding: ROOTS by Tommy Banks. So all ended with more trans-Atlantic understanding than either of us anticipated, and hopefully in some new dishes for his gastro-pub menu.

More soon.